Friday, 28 September 2012

Doll Briefs Show

I like to sew doll boxers using child socks. They are very stretchy, they have well designed waist with gum threads inside and they have adorable colorful patterns. It is so funny to work making these cute undergarments for my boys.

First I was uploading here the images for my eBay store. But later I have realized this post has become quite interesting BJD boxers' collection. Please enjoy nice Doll Briefs Show!

P.S. All these boxers are sold long ago, but if you are interested - feel free to contact.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Immortality of Soul - Chaos

IMO "Immortality of Soul" is the most exquisite doll’s producer in the world. Their dolls are so stunning it is difficult to find the words to describe them. And they are very limited, and very rare, and very expensive, and... so on...
At first I thought: "They are impossible for me. It’s a waste even to dream about these dolls."
But lately I have a new mind: "Way not? At least I can dream. I can even to buy them. Ne?"

My dream doll is Class 70 - Chaos. I like that face so much. That insolent smile! And the body is perfect.
He resembles Ichimaru Gin from "Bleach".

Update: Well... I have purchased Chaos head + body, new white skin tone. 
Ha-ha-ha!!! Dreams come true!


Manufacturer: Artist R
Selling Price: 680 USD + shipping



Doll measurements:
-Tall : 70.8 cm
-Head size: 21cm / 8~9inch
-Eye size: 12mm
-Circumference of neck: 11cm
-Circumference of chest: 29cm
-Width of shoulders: 14.5cm
-Circumference of waist: 21cm
-Circumference of hips: 26.5cm
-Lenth of from hips to ankle: 38cm
-Lenth of from knee to ankle: 18cm
-Foot size : 8cm