Monday, 18 April 2016

Iplehouse - Bichun in Korean costume

My dream doll Bichun by Iplehouse. Yeh, still dreaming. But nobody knows when this beautiful boy will join my collection. I have Asa waiting for him!

This time Iplehouse presented a new version of their most popular (I gues) sculpt Bichun - ancient Korean Nobleman Pung Un in traditional historical Korean costume. Hanbok designed on late Chosun dynasty period (18th century).

Pung Un has a new Korean style face-up as well. Those brows!!!

Hanbok also is my long lasting dream. I have some plans to learn to sew traditional Korean garments. For women and for men. While visiting Korea, in Seoul, I have purchased the good illustrated book how to sew traditional Korean clothes. Studying now :)))

Please enjoy new photos collection from Iplehouse.

Link to the doll on the host Iplehouse page -