Wednesday, 22 August 2012

BJD Kimono with Cranes

This pure silk BJD kimono has beautiful pattern with cranes and flowers. The fabric is very light, bright and colorful. My kimonos are vintage. All materials I'm using are authentic vintage kimono fabrics from Japan.

The kimono is demonstrated on 62,5 cm doll Haru (Abadon/Luts). Thank you my dear friend Countess Audronasha [link] for borrowing your doll and taking photos. Thank you awesome boy Haru for posing so nicely.

This kimono fits 69~62 cm boy and girl dolls perfectly: SD, SD16, SD17, Luts SSD and SD, Iplehouse EID and SID, other large BJD. For smaller dolls to adjust the length make a fold on the waist (under the obi). Don't worry - this is a traditional way of kimono wearing.

This beautiful kimono set includes:
1. Silk kimono with cranes and flowers. It is fully lined with thin rosy silk lining.
2. Bright blue obi.
4. Obijime.
5. Obiage.
6. Two cotton ties with woven flowers.

This beautiful kimono I have sewn from vintage girl’s kimono. So it has very bright colorful pattern. The rosy silk lining was taken from the same kimono. It is like I made a small copy of previous original kimono. The obi is not pretied this time. You can tie it in many ways following your fantasy.

For me it takes few weeks or even a month to create a kimono set for the doll. So I have just few items to sell. I think they are some kind of beautiful art, not just ordinary things to sell.

This beautiful kimono set was sold on eBay.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nabarro's Costume - Kamau Haori and Hakama

New stunning Nabarro's Japanese garments for male BJD - black haori and wondreful hakama. Just can't take my eyes of it. I like the fabrics. They are with small flowers but how manly the look!
Haori and hakama set is demonstrated on Iplehouse doll Kamau.
Nabarro's doll, Nabarro's face-up, Nabarro's outfit.

Soom Sard - Nabarro's Costume

I'm not in Soom dolls. Yet. But I was amazed by this beautiful outfit for Soom Sard. Avesome!
Nabarro's doll Brom - original Soom Sard, Nabarro's face-up, Nabarro's outfit.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nabarro's Costume - Har Kimono

Beautiful haori and kimono set from Nabarro's collection. Her Asian doll clothes are my every time inspiration. It's my dream to sew clothers like her - they are so authentic and always have some individual hint from the artist.
Kimono set demonstrated on Nabarro's doll Har. Nabarro is the author of this doll head. It is possible to buy it on Den of Angels Forum.
Nabarro's doll, Nabarro's face-up, Nabarro's photos.

DollShe Saint SA - Nabarro's Face-up 3

Nabarro gave to us one more possibility to enjoy her Sidney - original DollShe Saint SA.
Nabarro's doll, Nabarro's face-up, Nabarro's photos.

Iplehouse Lee - Nabarro's Sexy Boy

Another photoshot made by Nabarro for her doll Medic - original Iplehouse Lee. I can't take my eyes from that stunning face-up she made. Sexy Boy. Definitelly!
Iplehouse Lee, Nabarro's doll, Nabarro's face-up, Nabarro's photos.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

BJD Kimono Set "Black Formal Furisode"

Sold out!
I‘m playing my lovely boys are living in ancient Japan and they are wrapped in the layers of most expensive silks.

I‘m sewing luxurious kimonos for my noble Japanese youths to wear. These vintage fabrics are taken from real antique kimonos I have ordered from Japan. For this beautiful black kimono ensemble I have sacrificed the real very formal tomesode with two phoenixes embroidered of shining gold and silk threads. I have used just one phoenix for this kimono. Other phoenix is waiting for second ensemble. As these two embroidered phoenixes are different, so it’s absolutely impossible to reiterate presented kimono.

This formal kimono set is for Emperor I think. It has the red lining used for most formal clothes.

There is inner kimono as well. It was sewn from other silk kimono with dyed flowers and small houses. This pattern is cute and very traditional in Japan. The lining is dark yellow colour silk what resembles the heavy old gold shining. These two fabrics are matching perfectly.

And the last peak of this kimono set is the golden obi of course. The obi tied in Sunrise Drum bow for ceremonial and formal wear.

My boys are dressed in kimonos I sew myself. The materials are real antique kimono fabrics. Silk.
My dolls Sokuto (Scout from Granado, 68 cm), Ivu (Ivan from Loong Soul Doll, 73,5 cm).
If you like my doll kimonos please contact me - I'll take your personal orders.

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DollShe Orijean - Nabarro's Face-up

This is stunning Nabarro's work - DollShe Orijean. Can't understand how it is possible to creat such a miracle. I thought Orijean is kinda of strange doll, but never imagined he can be such a wonderful Kitsune.