Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Rongtian, Limited Loong Soul Doll

It was my idea to make my lovely young samurai Iwaki-sama more mature and masculine, a grown-up man. 

My imagination pictured him to be a young noble daimyo of some more-like-middle-sized han, located somewhere on the western side of Honshu. His residence - the white stone castle - was built on the coast of the Japan Sea, in distance not so far from the opulent royal capital Kyoto, but far enough from the Tokugawa's renewed and strategically situated castle town Edo (the future Tokyo). Iwaki-sama served at the Emperor's Court as a remarkable member of the Royal Diplomatic Mission closely operating with China's Royality. Period - Edo Japan

Of course all this historical stuff around my dolls isn’t literally correct. It is MY Japan and this fabulous fantastic land lies far away from the historical reality.

The first doll Ivan from Loong Soul suited this image as the daimyo was young. Few years have passed and I wanted him to grow, to obtain some power and weight in the Japanese high society. 
So, I searched for the new doll to fit the changing personality of Iwaki's character.

The new Limited Edition Loong Soul doll Rong Tian was an EUREKA
He become my love and desire at the first sight! I ordered a full set without hesitation on the next day he was listed. When I received my doll - all expectations were fully reworded! Stunning wonderful doll! This is definitely one of the most successful BJD projects in the world!

For your notice Rongtian is fully sold-out already. 60 sets only.

Actually Rong Tian is a character from the famous Chinese BL novel "Feng Yu Jiu Tian" ( "Phoenix from the Nine Heavens") written by Feng Nong and from the related manhua wonderfully drawn by Chinese artist Wang Yi. 
Rong Tian is the secret Real Prince, who is not quite the gentleman but not quite the cold-blooded whip-in-hand villain either. He is ruthless and unrelenting in the world of politics, but carries a soft and tender heart towards Feng Ming. He is so devoted and deeply in love with Feng Ming that not even a maiden of goddess-like proportions can stir his heart. Also, his love and dedication to Feng Ming runs so deep that when his lover was kidnapped by Ruo Yan (a king from another kingdom who also harbors a love interest towards Feng Ming), he would willingly engage in an open war to rescue Feng Ming.

Measurements with body ver. I (B-B73-01):
Eyes: 16mm
Height: 73.5cm (75cm when with height-increase ankle parts)
Head Circumference: about 22cm
Neck Circumference: 11.5cm
Shoulder width: 16cm
Chest: 32cm
Waist: 22cm
Hips: 29cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 10.3cm
Shoulder to Wrist: 22cm
Leg length: 38cm
Thigh Circumference: 17.5cm
Calf circumference: 13cm
Foot length: 8.5cm
Foot width: 3.4cm

The doll is worldwide limited 60sets.
The skin color in the pictures is imported white skin.