Friday, 20 July 2012

BJD Kimono Set "Sakura Blossom"

Please visit my Inarisan's Crafts Store on Etsy. I'm selling doll kimonos for 69 ~ 63 cm boy and girl dolls. Hope you like my crafts.

My kimonos are vintage. All materials I'm using are authentic vintage kimono fabrics from Japan. Obi are made from real obi, obiage are made from real obiage. Obijime are handmade using Japanese kumihimo disc for braiding.

About Inarisan:
I'm not manufacture, I'm working alone. Some period in my life I was sewing clothes for people. Now I have other serious job and sewing is my beloved hobby. My first kimono was sewn for my daughter few years ago. It was a challenge! I have learned a lot about kimono since.
For me it takes few weeks or even a month to create a kimono set for the doll. So I have just few items to sell. I think they are some kind of beautiful art, not just ordinary things to sell.

I live in a non-smoking household.
I have a cat, but she is not allowed into my sewing room. "Don't you dare to stick your furry paw into my sanctuary!"

Payment : Paypal (credit card), Paypal (balance).

Shipping Information: Item ships from Lithuania, European Union, within 3 business days after receiving the payment.
I'm shipping worldwide.
Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit unless the item is misaddressed or poorly packaged.
Usually I'll mark the item as a gift.

Please comment and connect me if you are interested!

Sold Out!
Beautiful sakura pattern kimono set. 
The kimono set is demonstrated on 68 cm doll (Scout/Granado).
It fits 69~63 cm boy and girl dolls perfectly. For smaller dolls to adjust the length make a fold on the waist (under the obi). Don't worry - this is a traditional way of kimono wearing.

This set includes:
1. Nagajuban

Bright purple silk. Very thin. Woven pattern and hand colored flowers.
Kimono is decorated with rosy silk stitches and biser beads.
No lining. Cotton tie added.

2. White sakura blossom pattern kimono
Combined silk and synthetic fiber. The lining is silk taken from original kimono lining.
Very interesting is sleeves' lining - it's pure silk, very old and light, bright colors, hand fan pattern. Of course you can see only tiny part of it on the sleeves, but it's good to know about hidden beauty. That is also a Japanese tradition. You can view this lining only if you purchase this kimono.
Kimono decorated with flowers applications and glass pearl beads.
Cotton tie added.

Nabarro's Cute Boys Drawings

I like Nabarro's drawings so much. I'm collecting them here.
This time here are two series of cute boys drawings:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Immortality of Soul - Lacrimosa

1. New Class80 'LACRIMOSA' SALE

This guy is the most beautiful BJD I ever saw. Pity they are only limited edition and there is a very short time you can order that stunning doll made by Artist M for "Immortality of Soul". I know I'll never be the owner of such treasure, but at least I can share this beauty in photos with you. I’ll keep this information like the etalon for the other dolls.
I have just one critique notice - 80 cm body is too large. That size doesn't fit to the other male dolls what usually are 68-73 cm height. Of course “Immortality of Soul” has 70 cm body as well. But the new Class 80 body is just perfect, except for 80 cm.

Price : 680USD
Quantity : 30ea Limited
Order Period : 7/2~7/22
Shipping Day : 9/3~9/17
Color : New Normal , New White

Composition of goods:
'LACRIMOSA' HEAD + Class80 Body
Default BOX for Class80

* Eyes, Wig, Shoes, Clothes on the photo are not included.
* We do not offer makeup service.

Eyes size 14 mm,
Head size 22,8 cm (9 inch)

2. Clothes set for 'LACRIMOSA'
Price : 420USD
Quantity : 30clothes Limited
Order Period : 7/2~7/22
Shipping Day : 9/3~9/17

Composition of goods: Slim Coat
2button Suit(Jacket & Pants)
Basic Shirts