Friday, 29 June 2012

DollShe Saint - old vs new

DollShe Crafts has announced about their dolls discontinue. There are the last 3 chances to order old and new dolls we loved so long. I was absolutely sure these dolls will be on sale for ages. They are so popular and the reduced prices were so acceptable. My dream to buy the Mister Perfection dear Saint was on the line of my featured purchases. But bad news as always come unexpectedly.

I have noticed there is a big interest in a comparision of the new Saint and the old Saint dolls. I'm posting here material I have collected some time ago. All photos are not mine. I have found them on various websities at variuos times and posting here just for information. Look for more photos at the page bottom, under the cut.

Old Saint scupt at the left, and the new one (light) at the right:

Raegan: Your new "old Saint" looks like new doll? This head is not old Saint at all!!!! What do you think, and what we will be to do?
So what you're saying is we think we are getting a head like the 2005 heads when in fact what we will actually be getting is more like the 2009 head!!!
Come on Dollshe you really need to get the pictures of these heads up and clarify this for everyone, this is really terrible business practice, and if you don't hurry up and make it clear with pictures you are going to have a lot of really angry customers on your hands.

DollShe craft: Dear Raegan, we should have provided exact details when we first launched the event. The Saint we have available through the special event is the one we made a long time ago. We do not currently have the very first original sculpt. There weren't many dolls that were cast with the very first original sculpt anyway. We did some modification work to the original sculpt to enhance its sculptural integrity. Only the old Saint head is available through this event. The old Saint is the removable headcap type. The new Saint is the removable faceplate type.
We will upload pictures by the end of this week. We apologize for the confusion. Please let us know should you have further questions or concerns. Thank you for your interest in DollShe craft.
Have a nice day. Sincerely yours.

DollShe craft: Dear london1385, the Saint we have available through the special event is the one we made a long time ago. We do not currently have the very first original sculpt. There weren't many dolls that were cast with the very first original sculpt anyway. We did some modification work to the original sculpt to enhance its sculptural integrity. We only have the old Saint available. Old Saint is the removable headcap type. We put in a request for photos to the original sculptor DollShe-Ki-yong. He's currently busy putting the finishing touches on the new girl. The photos for the re-release "old" sculpts will taken when we take photos of the new girl doll. We're sorry about the lack of detailed information for the dolls we have on sale. We will try to update the shopping mall selection as soon as possible.
The photos of the Old Saint vary depending on the camera angle and the way the finishing touches were put on the eyes-some were made slightly larger than others.

On these photos the new Saint is on the left and the old one (in black) on the right:

* Final Chance to Order Existing Lineup of DollShe craft Dolls: Round 1
We are discontinuing all the dolls in our existing lineup. Before they are discontinued, we will be accepting orders at a 30% discounted rate over three rounds. After the three rounds, all dolls will be discontinued. Spare doll parts will also be offered at a 30% discount. We will be aiming for a turnaround time frame of 2-3 months, only taking a limited number of orders per round.

* Applicable Dolls

Heads: Orijean, Rosen, Saint, Bernard, Pabo

Temporarily Discontinued Heads: OE Hound, SA Hound, IM Hound, OE Husky, SA Husky, OE Van, OE Old Saint, SA Old Saint, OE Old Bernard, SA Old Bernard

- Please ask for a special order form if you are interested in ordering a discontinued head. We are not taking orders for Bermann, which was released as a limited edition doll.
- Discontinued heads go well with the Old Body. The discontinued heads are compatible with other bodies as well, but the way they are connected to the bodies is structurally different from how they are connected to the Old Body.
- We are in the process of restoring the original sculpts of the discontinued heads. Orders that include discontinued heads will take around a month longer.

Body: DS28M 35s Body, DS28M 32s Body, DS18M Rhythmos Body, DS18M Pure Body, DS18M Old Body (Old Hound Body)


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DollShe Saint - SDink's face up

This is continuation of my Saint's make-up collection. This is new Saint faceplate.
Please enjoy SDink's stunning work - Saint make-up on two faceplates: OE (open eyes) and SA (silent afternoon).
These doll heads were sold on ebay for 480 $! and second for 255 $.
I'm reposting here information from ebay auction.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Loong Soul Doll - my Ivu

This is my second BJD purchase - Loong Soul Doll production, Ivan. 
Looking at the promotion photos I fell in love with this beautiful body and nice face. I have ordered this doll on "Mint on Card" just before the Christmas Eve. The waiting period was so unexpectedly long - 5 and half months! My dear daughter Agne even forgot we have ordered a second doll. Then the box arrived it was like a gift for us.
The doll is amazing! Very high quality masterpiece made with great accurasy. The balance and stability are just stunning. It’s very easy to make it stand, to hold various poses. Just perfect doll!
I’m very satisfied about my second boy.

Please welcome my dear Ivu. 

Ivu together with Sokuto (68 cm doll Scout from Granado)
Then the box was opened, at the first sight I thought Ivu is too large for Sokuto.
But later I changed my mind completely - Ivu is exatly the size I wanted! I think they match perfectly.

Loong Soul Doll - Ivan

Please welcome Loong Soul Doll Ivan.

Body has double jointed elbows and knees.
Basic Doll, (blank or with make-up), includes the following:
-Face Mask
-ID Tag

Doll Measurements:
-Height: 73.5cm (75cm w/ added ankles on)
-Head: 24cm
-Eyes: 16 -18mm
-Circumference of Neck: 11.5cm
-Width of Shoulders: 16cm
-Circumference of Chest: 32cm
-Circumference of Waist: 22cm
-Circumference of Hips: 29cm
-Arm Length: 29cm
-Shoulder to Wrist: 22cm
-Leg Length: 38cm
-Feet: 8,5cm
Resin Colors:
-Normal Yellow Skin
-Normal Pink Skin
-White Skin
-Tan Skin (Additional Fee)
*Because make-up is hand painted, it may vary from images. Customers are welcomed to email us for pictures of in-stock dolls if they would like to see what the make-up looks like.*

Additional Options (Pre-ordered Dolls Only):
- Body Blushing: Body blushing is available for $42.00. If you are pre-ordering a doll and would like it to have body blushing please make note of it in the Comments Box at check-out. We will email you your new order total.
- Clothing: Ivan's outfit can be found in the 'LoongSoul Wear' section. The outfit is listed as "LS 73bc-0003" and is $50.00. Sometimes this outfit is in stock, but when it's not it will be available for pre-order.
-Jointed Hands: Jointed hands can be purchased for $100.00. They can be viewed and ordered at the LoongSoul Doll 'Parts' section.
-Switch to Non-Environmental Resin: All LoongSoul Dolls are cast in environmental resin by default. If you are pre-ordering a doll and would like it to be cast in standard non-environmental resin please note it in the Comments Box at check-out. The price of your doll will be reduced by $35.00. We will email you confirming your request, and we'll provide you with your new order total. Please note that Tan Skin is only available in environmental resin. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Soul Doll - Ryu Cine

Home > Soul-Zenith > Zenith boy > Ryu Cine
Ryu Cine


           Selling Price: 610.00 $ 

 Ryu Cine is very beautiful boy with asian face features. His body is awesome. I need this doll in my collection so much.

This doll is not limited. Because this product makes after order, customer can't cancel order since we confirm the payment. Your order will be canceled if we cannot confirm your payment within 3 days from the order date.
Layaway period for this doll is 60 days.
* Mud, dark tanned skin is sold out completely.

The making period expected:
No make up : About 8 weeks
Default make up  : 8 weeks + 2~3 weeks
  We need to take 2~3 weeks more times than the normal making period  for a while
  rushing orders or a climate of high temperature and a humidity.

Delivery period:
Takes about 5~10 days times after send out. Default shipping method: EMS. Please ask about it to us if you would like to use another shipping company (Airmail, EMS premium, DHL, Fedex etc.)

Basic set:
- Doll
- Eyes(16mm) ; Basically, same eyes on above pics will be sent.
  Please state your request in [customer comments] box on order page if you would like to get other eyes for Karin.
- Kipping box (with cushion)
- Spare string for body's tension
- Certificate
Additional options:
- Wig, Make up (Please add an items or services in each option if you would like to get above items with a doll.)

Doll measurements:

Height : 69 cm
Girth of head : 22 cm
Girth of neck : 12.5 cm
Girth of chest : 29 cm
Girth of waist : 21 cm
Girth of hips : 27.5 cm
Shoulder width(with arms) : 14.2 cm
Girth of ankle : 10 cm
Length of back(from cervical to waist line) : 14 cm
Length of "from shoulder to wrist :20 cm
Length of "from ankle to waist :40.5 cm
Foot length : 9.5 cm
Foot width : 4 cm

* About options *

Make up, Body painting , Tattoo etc.
Ornaments of clothes set , Hair piece etc.
Hair style of Wig
We have been trying to do our best to finish everything like the promo picture of all products. However, the finished result can differ a little from the promo picture because all works are handy-crafted. We hope you understand.
We don
t accept any refund, exchange for this reason.
Please consider this point and make an order carefully.

Nabarro's BJD Costume - Striped Kimono

I like absolutely naturalistic image Nabarro gives to her doll clothes. They look so real you can't imagine there are doll clothes actually.

This striped kimono and beautiful juban come from ancient Japan, pre Edo period I suppose. Why pre Edo period? Before shogunate men in Japan can wear beautiful kimonos in bright colors and various patterns. In Edo colorful fabrics were restricted and only dark one toned kimonos were allowed for men. Kimono wearing traditions have changed according to the new rules and never returned to the previous state even in the present days. I think it was a big loss for kimono art.

Please enjoy the beautiful Nabarro’s kimono art. It is vivid, bright and free from any restrictions.

Nabarro's costumes, Nabarro's make-up, dolls - Iplehouse Kamau and Nabarro's Yakumo (head only). 

Nabarro's BJD Costume - Gentle Pink Kimono

And again very beautiful kimono was sewn by Nabarro. This time gentle pink silk kinomo. I can't take my eyes from that piece of stunning art.
Nabarro's costume, Nabarro's make-up, Nabbaro's doll head Yakumo.

Tieing the Obi

There are many videos about kitsuke:

I think this will be interesting for everyone to look how to tie the obi.
First there are some videos about tieing the obi in the most common way:


Obi tieing for yukata:

Tieing "Sun Drum" obi:

Dressing Men in Kimono and Hakama

This post is dedicated to the men dressing kimono and hakama.
Here you can find information how to dress the men in jukata or kimono, how to tie man's obi or hakama jime and other usefull things for men.

How to Tie Asian Knots

I want to learn how to tie these wonderful Asian knots. I have noticed Japanese are using them as the decorations on the formal kimonos. It would be great to tie tiny knots and put them on my doll kimonos.

Main page is here -

Saturday, 2 June 2012

DollShe Saint & Bermann - SDink face up

Now please enjoy SDink face-up art. I have found these doll photos on alientune's deviantart page.
Saint aka Sebastian and Bermann aka Claude. Stunning design.

Sébastien - Dollshe Saint
Claude-Henri- SA Bermann
D.L.N.- SA Saint v. 2 

Alientune is the great doll face-up artist as well.
This is the face-up shop where you (and I) can order this artist's faceup for your doll.
or on "Den of Angels" forum:●Faint-Pulse-Æsthetics●

DollShe Saint - Owner Kaiohon, SDink's face-up

This is another version of Saint. Doll's owner Kaiohon . This time it's hybrid with Soom Sard demonic body. I'm not in the demons at all but I like his face very much. The eyes color is amazing!
The beautiful girl together with him is his sis Beryl, owner eclipse21.

My Lord! I want to have Saint with these tired eyes so much.

The author of this stunning face-up is famous artist SDink.\Soom-Sard-hybrid)

DollShe Saint - Christy face up

I'm searching for Saint make-up's various versions all over internet.
This time I have found very interesting Saint on Den of Angels forum "Gallery +" and later followed to the owners blog "captured in thought". The doll owner is Christy. I think she is the author of that awesome make-up as well.

Friday, 1 June 2012

My lovely Sokuto in Sakura pattern kimono

This is my lovely Sokuto - I call that name my first doll Scout from Granado. At first we have decided not to change original names from doll producers. But lately I want something different. Something what sounds more Asian and still recalls original name. So it is Sokuto for now.

This is Sokuto in my first kimono garments. There are 2 different kimonos - the white with sakura pattern as a main kimono and the purple one you can use as nagajuban or wear it on top. The obi supposed to be also but I was in a rush and had no time to fuss about it.
The fabrics I used are original vintage kimono fabrics. They are pure Japanese silks! I have brought real vintage kimonos on ebay, unstitched and washed them. That was a challenge! And finally I used these unique fabrics to create new garments for dolls.

Notice: I'm selling this beautiful kimono set (kimono & purple nagajuban) right now. Please find the selling post here -

Doll height 68 cm.

Please enjoy my sewing. Hope it will be my wide business some day. Yes!