Saturday, 2 June 2012

DollShe Saint & Bermann - SDink face up

Now please enjoy SDink face-up art. I have found these doll photos on alientune's deviantart page.
Saint aka Sebastian and Bermann aka Claude. Stunning design.

Sébastien - Dollshe Saint
Claude-Henri- SA Bermann
D.L.N.- SA Saint v. 2 

Alientune is the great doll face-up artist as well.
This is the face-up shop where you (and I) can order this artist's faceup for your doll.
or on "Den of Angels" forum:●Faint-Pulse-Æsthetics●


  1. Actually I painted her Saint Sebastion ^_^

    1. My God, I'm shoot dead...
      My apologies. Really. I have corrected the post.
      And... I just can't say that: it was proven again and again - your art is so stunningly beautiful it can't leave any heart untouched. You are great! Your art is gorgeous. Sorry, my English is too bad to word my admiration and respect.
      I would like to send you my vintage doll kimono. If you'll be so kind to accept my gift. Not for trade or something, I don't need anything in return. I have wanted to do that long ago then I saw your face-ups and your dolls. I'm your fan so I'll be happy to make something good for you. You can look at my kimonos on DeviantArt and just tell me what kind of kimono and what color you prefer. And doll size.

      Best regards. Have a nice day.

  2. OMG! Yur stuff is amazing! I have been looking for kimonos for one of my boys! I would love to accept your gift but only if I can pay for it, I appreciate tpyour kindness though!

    1. Dear SDink,

      sorry for my late response. I was smashed by flu. 2 weeks I have felt like I don't want to do anything, even to enter internet...
      No worries, I'm back to my healthy state now and full of energy.

      About kimonos first. I don't know how much you are familiar with kimonos, so I'll try to explain everything in short. These beautiful colorful kimonos with obi, flowers and other accessories I'm sewing for BJD are women kimonos. Yes, I'm dressing my boys in women style kimonos just because they are beautiful and more creative. Somewhere in my mind I'm playing they are male geisha or kabuki actors in female roles.
      In reality kimonos for men usually are one toned dark (black, marine or gray) or stripped. In 1640 shogun has forbade the colorful kimonos for men and this become the tradition till present days even if the shogun orders are dead now.
      If you want other traditional Japanese garment for men you can choose wafuku set - hakama pants and short man kimono like there -
      I'm sewing doll's hakama as well.

      So, if you think the colorful women style kimono is exactly what you want for your lovely boy - then I'll sew it for you. Full kimono ensemble usually includes few kimonos - inner kimono, extravagant outer kimono and obi with accessories - obijime, obiage and obidome. I'll be grateful if you'll pay for outer kimono and obi, but the inner kimono and accessories will be my gift.
      If you want men's hakama and kimono - no problems :)))
      Just let me know your ideas. Maybe you have some photos or pictures of your dream kimono set?

      I have saw you are searching for Nabarro's doll heads. I have asked my Asian friends in Taiwan for any information.
      There is the link to the Nabarro's shop on Taobao:
      Unfortunatelly 10000Y = soul out. Taobao not allows to use 'SOLD OUT' directly.

      My friend has suggested to contact her personally. Her personal email is

      That is all for today. Have a nice day.

      Zina Latiniene

  3. Hello Zina,

    Do you have an email I can contact you at?

    1. Good day,

      My email is