Saturday, 2 June 2012

DollShe Saint - Owner Kaiohon, SDink's face-up

This is another version of Saint. Doll's owner Kaiohon . This time it's hybrid with Soom Sard demonic body. I'm not in the demons at all but I like his face very much. The eyes color is amazing!
The beautiful girl together with him is his sis Beryl, owner eclipse21.

My Lord! I want to have Saint with these tired eyes so much.

The author of this stunning face-up is famous artist SDink.\Soom-Sard-hybrid)



  1. Eclipse21 is definitely one of my most fav photographers.

    I believe Alltair's face-up is done by SDink (link to her Flickr:

    1. Ah, thank you very much for your replay. It was very useful information! I was guessing so long who the author of this stunning face-up is. Of course it's SDink's wonderful work!
      Please be my honoured guest here. I'm happy people are visiting my blog and finding interesting stuff here.

  2. Dear Inarisan,

    I just accidentally came across this blog.*_*
    Firstly, thank you so much for posting this pics in your it. I'm happy you like them.
    Just one thing. The owner of this Saint is Kaiohon. I'm the owner of Beryl (his sis). We did this photoshoot together.)))


    1. Dear eclipse21, thank you very much for your notice. I have corrected the text.
      This photo-session is so stunning I can't refuse to save it for myself on my blog. I'm collecting here everything I like about BJD - the most beautiful dolls, the best face-ups, doll clothes and presenting BJD kimonos I'm sewing. It is my hobby.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.