Monday, 18 June 2012

Loong Soul Doll - Ivan

Please welcome Loong Soul Doll Ivan.

Body has double jointed elbows and knees.
Basic Doll, (blank or with make-up), includes the following:
-Face Mask
-ID Tag

Doll Measurements:
-Height: 73.5cm (75cm w/ added ankles on)
-Head: 24cm
-Eyes: 16 -18mm
-Circumference of Neck: 11.5cm
-Width of Shoulders: 16cm
-Circumference of Chest: 32cm
-Circumference of Waist: 22cm
-Circumference of Hips: 29cm
-Arm Length: 29cm
-Shoulder to Wrist: 22cm
-Leg Length: 38cm
-Feet: 8,5cm
Resin Colors:
-Normal Yellow Skin
-Normal Pink Skin
-White Skin
-Tan Skin (Additional Fee)
*Because make-up is hand painted, it may vary from images. Customers are welcomed to email us for pictures of in-stock dolls if they would like to see what the make-up looks like.*

Additional Options (Pre-ordered Dolls Only):
- Body Blushing: Body blushing is available for $42.00. If you are pre-ordering a doll and would like it to have body blushing please make note of it in the Comments Box at check-out. We will email you your new order total.
- Clothing: Ivan's outfit can be found in the 'LoongSoul Wear' section. The outfit is listed as "LS 73bc-0003" and is $50.00. Sometimes this outfit is in stock, but when it's not it will be available for pre-order.
-Jointed Hands: Jointed hands can be purchased for $100.00. They can be viewed and ordered at the LoongSoul Doll 'Parts' section.
-Switch to Non-Environmental Resin: All LoongSoul Dolls are cast in environmental resin by default. If you are pre-ordering a doll and would like it to be cast in standard non-environmental resin please note it in the Comments Box at check-out. The price of your doll will be reduced by $35.00. We will email you confirming your request, and we'll provide you with your new order total. Please note that Tan Skin is only available in environmental resin. 

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