Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nabarro's BJD Costume - Striped Kimono

I like absolutely naturalistic image Nabarro gives to her doll clothes. They look so real you can't imagine there are doll clothes actually.

This striped kimono and beautiful juban come from ancient Japan, pre Edo period I suppose. Why pre Edo period? Before shogunate men in Japan can wear beautiful kimonos in bright colors and various patterns. In Edo colorful fabrics were restricted and only dark one toned kimonos were allowed for men. Kimono wearing traditions have changed according to the new rules and never returned to the previous state even in the present days. I think it was a big loss for kimono art.

Please enjoy the beautiful Nabarro’s kimono art. It is vivid, bright and free from any restrictions.

Nabarro's costumes, Nabarro's make-up, dolls - Iplehouse Kamau and Nabarro's Yakumo (head only). 

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