Friday, 1 June 2012

My lovely Sokuto in Sakura pattern kimono

This is my lovely Sokuto - I call that name my first doll Scout from Granado. At first we have decided not to change original names from doll producers. But lately I want something different. Something what sounds more Asian and still recalls original name. So it is Sokuto for now.

This is Sokuto in my first kimono garments. There are 2 different kimonos - the white with sakura pattern as a main kimono and the purple one you can use as nagajuban or wear it on top. The obi supposed to be also but I was in a rush and had no time to fuss about it.
The fabrics I used are original vintage kimono fabrics. They are pure Japanese silks! I have brought real vintage kimonos on ebay, unstitched and washed them. That was a challenge! And finally I used these unique fabrics to create new garments for dolls.

Notice: I'm selling this beautiful kimono set (kimono & purple nagajuban) right now. Please find the selling post here -

Doll height 68 cm.

Please enjoy my sewing. Hope it will be my wide business some day. Yes!

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