Monday, 18 June 2012

Loong Soul Doll - my Ivu

This is my second BJD purchase - Loong Soul Doll production, Ivan. 
Looking at the promotion photos I fell in love with this beautiful body and nice face. I have ordered this doll on "Mint on Card" just before the Christmas Eve. The waiting period was so unexpectedly long - 5 and half months! My dear daughter Agne even forgot we have ordered a second doll. Then the box arrived it was like a gift for us.
The doll is amazing! Very high quality masterpiece made with great accurasy. The balance and stability are just stunning. It’s very easy to make it stand, to hold various poses. Just perfect doll!
I’m very satisfied about my second boy.

Please welcome my dear Ivu. 

Ivu together with Sokuto (68 cm doll Scout from Granado)
Then the box was opened, at the first sight I thought Ivu is too large for Sokuto.
But later I changed my mind completely - Ivu is exatly the size I wanted! I think they match perfectly.

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