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Soul Doll - Ryu Cine

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Ryu Cine


           Selling Price: 610.00 $ 

 Ryu Cine is very beautiful boy with asian face features. His body is awesome. I need this doll in my collection so much.

This doll is not limited. Because this product makes after order, customer can't cancel order since we confirm the payment. Your order will be canceled if we cannot confirm your payment within 3 days from the order date.
Layaway period for this doll is 60 days.
* Mud, dark tanned skin is sold out completely.

The making period expected:
No make up : About 8 weeks
Default make up  : 8 weeks + 2~3 weeks
  We need to take 2~3 weeks more times than the normal making period  for a while
  rushing orders or a climate of high temperature and a humidity.

Delivery period:
Takes about 5~10 days times after send out. Default shipping method: EMS. Please ask about it to us if you would like to use another shipping company (Airmail, EMS premium, DHL, Fedex etc.)

Basic set:
- Doll
- Eyes(16mm) ; Basically, same eyes on above pics will be sent.
  Please state your request in [customer comments] box on order page if you would like to get other eyes for Karin.
- Kipping box (with cushion)
- Spare string for body's tension
- Certificate
Additional options:
- Wig, Make up (Please add an items or services in each option if you would like to get above items with a doll.)

Doll measurements:

Height : 69 cm
Girth of head : 22 cm
Girth of neck : 12.5 cm
Girth of chest : 29 cm
Girth of waist : 21 cm
Girth of hips : 27.5 cm
Shoulder width(with arms) : 14.2 cm
Girth of ankle : 10 cm
Length of back(from cervical to waist line) : 14 cm
Length of "from shoulder to wrist :20 cm
Length of "from ankle to waist :40.5 cm
Foot length : 9.5 cm
Foot width : 4 cm

* About options *

Make up, Body painting , Tattoo etc.
Ornaments of clothes set , Hair piece etc.
Hair style of Wig
We have been trying to do our best to finish everything like the promo picture of all products. However, the finished result can differ a little from the promo picture because all works are handy-crafted. We hope you understand.
We don
t accept any refund, exchange for this reason.
Please consider this point and make an order carefully.

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