Monday, 2 July 2012

Immortality of Soul - Lacrimosa

1. New Class80 'LACRIMOSA' SALE

This guy is the most beautiful BJD I ever saw. Pity they are only limited edition and there is a very short time you can order that stunning doll made by Artist M for "Immortality of Soul". I know I'll never be the owner of such treasure, but at least I can share this beauty in photos with you. I’ll keep this information like the etalon for the other dolls.
I have just one critique notice - 80 cm body is too large. That size doesn't fit to the other male dolls what usually are 68-73 cm height. Of course “Immortality of Soul” has 70 cm body as well. But the new Class 80 body is just perfect, except for 80 cm.

Price : 680USD
Quantity : 30ea Limited
Order Period : 7/2~7/22
Shipping Day : 9/3~9/17
Color : New Normal , New White

Composition of goods:
'LACRIMOSA' HEAD + Class80 Body
Default BOX for Class80

* Eyes, Wig, Shoes, Clothes on the photo are not included.
* We do not offer makeup service.

Eyes size 14 mm,
Head size 22,8 cm (9 inch)

2. Clothes set for 'LACRIMOSA'
Price : 420USD
Quantity : 30clothes Limited
Order Period : 7/2~7/22
Shipping Day : 9/3~9/17

Composition of goods: Slim Coat
2button Suit(Jacket & Pants)
Basic Shirts


  1. Hello! Is this doll still for sale? :)

  2. Hello, I wanted to ask when you will have the clothing for the Lacrimosa on sale again?