Monday, 5 August 2013

BJD Kimono - Black Formal Furisode with Peonies

This kimono is in pair with the previous one as it was made from the same human formal kimono. Only two doll kimonos are possible to sew using fabric from the adult tomesode. However these two small kimonos are absolutely different as the pattern is different.

This beautiful very formal kimono set includes:
1. Black formal Furisode kimono with hand painted peonies and other flowers.
3. Pretied golden obi with decoration.
4. Obijime golden.
5. Obiage pink shibori pattern.
6. Two cotton ties.

The kimono set is demonstrated on 62,5 cm doll Haru (Abadon/Luts). Thank you my dear friend Countess Audronasha for borrowing your doll and taking photos. Thank you awesome boy Haru for posing so nicely.

Kimono length is 66 cm, sleeves length 33 cm.

This kimono fits 68~62 cm boy and girl dolls perfectly: SD, SD16, SD17, Luts SSD and SD, Iplehouse EID and SID, other large BJD. For smaller dolls to adjust the length make a fold on the waist (under the obi). Don't worry - this is a traditional way of kimono wearing.

My kimonos are vintage. All materials I'm using are authentic vintage kimono fabrics from Japan. Doll kimonos are sewn anew but materials are used as they were real Japanese kimonos before. 

Sold out :)))

I'm selling other kimono on Etsy

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