Monday, 22 September 2014

BJD Kimono - Purple with Flowers and Butterflies

Handmade OOAK BJD kimono made of authentic vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. Accurately sewn following old Japanese traditions. My kimonos are vintage. All materials I'm using are authentic vintage kimono fabrics from Japan. Doll kimono are sewn anew but materials are used as they were real Japanese kimonos before.

I’m selling my beautiful doll kimono on my Etsy store 
This one is SOLD OUT.

This beautiful purple BJD kimono was real human sized komon kimono before. The material was in excellent condition. Rich purple color with silver roses and woven butterflies. It is very attractive.
This formal doll kimono is fully lined. The lining is taken from other vintage kimono, decorated with woven roses.

This kimono is made for large 73-62 cm dolls like I.O.S. class 70, Loong Soul, DOD, SD, SD16, SD17, Luts SSD and SD, Iplehouse EID and SID boys and girls and other large BJD. For smaller dolls to adjust the length make a fold on the waist (under the obi). Don't worry - this is a traditional way of kimono wearing.
On the photo the kimono is demonstrated on 68 cm Granado doll Scout.

This beautiful formal OOAK kimono set includes:
1. Purple formal kimono with flowers and small butterflies.
2. Ornate obi made from real obi. Obi has a magic tape to splice it.
3. Obiage and obijime.
4. Additional cotton tie.

Kimono length is 56 cm, sleeves length 29,5 cm.

For me it takes few weeks or even a month to create a kimono set for the doll. So I have just few items to sell. I think they are some kind of beautiful art, not just ordinary things to sell.

For more photos of my kimonos please visit my DeviantART journal 


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