Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dream Realm - Anabelle

Dream Realm doll 1/3 Girl Anabelle. I don't know why but I like that face. Maybe it looks kinda unusual? The doll is a little bit too pinky and her dress puffy. But under different design it should be a wonderful doll I think.

Doll designerLi Wei
Stylist: Li Wei
Dresser: Coniy
Unclothed doll + make up + hair + clothing + shoes + eyes = 566 $
Unclothed doll (no make up) = 420 $
Unclothed doll + make up = 455 $

Height: 62cm
Neck: 8cm
Bust: 26cm
Waist: 15cm
Hips: 24cm
Width: 11.5cm
Arm: 16.5cm
Leg length: 33cm
Leg thigh circumference: 16cm
Leg calf circumference: 11cm
Foot length: 7cm
Foot width: 3cm

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