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Soul Doll & Costume - Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki (born April 17, 1982, in Busan, South Korea) is a South Korean actor, model and singer, who Koreans regard as a quintessential kkonminam idol. He rose to fame as Gong-gil in The King and the Clown. In August 2009, Lee Jun Ki was appointed an ambassador for Korea tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization. 
The King and the Clown: In 2005, his first major acting role came in The King and the Clown (왕의 남자), in which he took on the role of a somewhat feminine clown in the late 15th century. Lee faced the challenge as a male actor of playing out Gongil's femininity, which attracts the attention of many other men in the film. The film became one of the highest grossing South Korean-made movies in South Korea, unexpectedly replacing Taegukgi as the most-watched film in Korean history with over 12.3 million viewers.Lee's salary for the role was a comparatively low US$100,000.
Lee was against the halving of screen quotas in South Korea that allows foreign films to be shown in theaters on certain days, while domestic films are allotted another amount of days. He believed that without the screen quotas, The King and the Clown would not have been as successful in competing against foreign films. Producer Lee Jun Ik revealed the story of how he chose Lee for The King and the Clown by just seeing him do handstands, saying, "Just because of handstands, Lee Jun Ki became the person he is today." After the film, Lee became "an icon" of the South Korean "pretty boy" aesthetic.

Yours Price:  587.00 USD
* Shipping cost is FREE (only full-set).
Price including shipping – 1250 USD
Order period was: 2008.5.15 ~ 2008.8.28  (Closed on sale 12:00 pm. Korea time)

Making period: For the most part, it takes time about 4~5 weeks for make a doll we need to take time more than 1~2 weeks for a while because rushing orders and a climate of high temperature and a humidity.             
Full-Set info:
- Doll (He has a double jointed body, is same with Osu's body)
  : Skin/Asian natural skin
- Eyes (size:14mm)
- Clothes full-set
- Shoes
- Wig
- Kipping box (cushion)
- Certificate(Not included original signature of Lee Jun Ki in this time)
- Doll manual
- height : 63.5 cm
- bust : 26 cm
- waist : 20.5 cm
- hip : 25.5 cm
- foot : 7.9 cm

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