Friday, 30 March 2012

DikaDoll - Murong version 2

DikaDoll MuRong - Version 2 (senior uncle) with 3 part (or 5 part) torso double jointed body.  Doll comes with standard hands, not jointed hands. Jointed hands are sold separately and can be found on the DikaDoll 'Parts' page.

Basic Doll, (nude doll blank or with make-up), includes the following:
-Eyes (Random Color)
-Face Cover

Doll Measurements:
-Height: 73cm
-Head Circumference: 22.5cm
-Eye Size: 16mm
-Neck circumference: 10cm
-Shoulder Width: 15.5cm
-Arm Length: 20cm
-Chest Circumference: 26.5cm
-Waist Circumference: 20cm
-Hip Circumference: 27cm
-Back Length: 19cm
-Leg Length: 39cm
-Thigh Circumference: 16.5cm
-Foot Length: 8.8cm

Resin Colors:
-Normal Yellow
-Normal Pink
-White (Ivory White)
-Pure White
-Tan (Additional Fee)
-Gray (Additional Fee)*Please note - DikaDoll is no longer sanding their Tan Skin dolls, doll bodies, and parts. If you order a Tan Skin item expect to see seam lines!*

Additional Options (Pre-ordered Dolls Only):
5 Part Torso Body: 70cm dolls comes with the 3 part torso body by default, if you would like the 5 part torso body please note it in the Comments Box at check-out. There will be a $50.00 increase in price, we will email you your new order total. Pictures of the 5 Part Torso Body can be seen at the 'Parts' page.

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