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Iplehouse - Asa, Tokyo story

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Code : 20100707075128

Asa is absolutely beautiful in the Japanese traditional outfit. She would be my choice to have as a traditional authentically dressed doll. I can't imagine anyone interested in geisha (geiko) not wanting to add Asa to their collection. It would be nice to have her in different colour outfits so that there will another time to purchase her in the future.
Basic composition of item:
- Asa head (basic no make-up head)
- Body color : Normal skin.
- Eyeballs : 12mm acrylic eyeballs
- Basically assembled hand parts : basic hand parts (no brushing)
- Basically assembled feet parts : basic feet parts
- Extra feet parts : Geta feet parts and Heel parts
- Tension line, S type hook, extra magnets
- Assembly manual
- Default box
- Certification

Female Measurements :
* Height : 65 cm
* Weight : 1.9kg
* Circumference of head : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
* Circumference of neck : 10.5 cm
* Circumference of chest :
Large size : 32cm : Medium size : 29.5cm
* Width of shoulder : 14 cm (arms included)
* Length of arm : 20.2 cm
* Circumference of wrist : 5.5 cm
* Circumference of arm : 9cm
* Circumference of waist : 21 cm
* Circumference of pelvis : 32 cm
* Circumference of thigh : 18.2 cm
* From waist to tiptoe : 42 cm
* Circumference of ankle : 6.8 cm
* Length of foot : 7.5 cm

How to Order Make Up for Custom Doll System
We'd like to inform you of how to order Make Up for Custom Doll System.

1. Add " Make Up" item when you make an order for dolls.
Please leave a message in the box [Order Comments]3. Please leave a message about the Make Up type you want.

Please refer to the below examples.
Ex 1.) I would like to have Basic A type.
Ex 2.) I would like to have Special Edition B type
Ex 3.) I would like to have SID body Jessica Special Edition
It is required to ask the only Make Up type which is applicable to the doll's type. For example, if you ask Tedros Make Up A for Akando, it is not acceptable. Thank you for your understanding in advance.^^

* The order period of Doll Choice is  from the 1st to 15th of every month
To arrange the manufacturing schedule, we have to make the manufacturing list with orders from customers until 17th after receiving all orders by 15th. Therefore please note that it is required to make payment before 17th.
If the payment is not made, the order will be canceled by automatically.
If it is hard to make payment by the date, please make an order later.
* Layaway cannot be used. Please make payment at once.
* It is necessary to remit the full costs within 2 days from the order date.
* When the payment is made, it is not possible to refund because, all are customized items, so we'd like to ask you to take care of making an order.
* Parting lines made during the manufacturing can be shown on the dolls .
* Basically all dolls will be offered with no make-up. If you want to have a make up, please purchase the make up item.
*All dolls will be offered after being assembled.
* Please note that product accessories cannot be changed by customer's requests.
* Dolls are customized products. Once payments are made, it is not possible to cancel or change the orders. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to think carefully before making an order.
* Assembled dolls will be delivered to customers.
* It will take around 50~60 days to ship after you make an order.
* If the make-up is added, the preparation time takes more than as usual but, in case of no make-up, the shipping time will be shortened.

Breast Size

Thigh joint

Whole Body



    1. Dear, I'm not selling this doll. I don't have it. There are images only.
      If you want to have this doll please buy her on official Iplehouse store -

      Best regards

  2. For some reason the link won't work is there another way I could order the doll I want through them?

    1. Hello, Iplehouse store is working. You can buy Asa here -
      Please buy original doll from the original producer. Don't buy recast dolls.