Thursday, 29 March 2012

Granado - Head V-01

Stuning Granado VIPO series boy's head V-01. I'm waiting for special offers in future.

  • V-01's head size (circumference): 22cm
  • V-01's eye size: 12~14mm
  • Set includes: V-01's Head.
  • Set does not include: Outfit, Wig and Eyes.
  • We do not provide make up service for V-01.
  • We do not provide Seam Removing service for darker skin dolls like Sunshine and Brown. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Dolls are generally shipped within 50 business days from the last payment date. (If there is any problem with the manufacturing process, shipping will be delay without notification.)
For more detailed body photos look here -


  1. im sorry but im glad to see your blog,
    this look a like, yunho tvxq, especially that mole on the lips, heart lips and side profile
    this so good and cool :3

    1. Oh, thank you for information. I was so surprised. I'm not very sharp about Kpop, but your message made me happy. Actually, I have purchased that doll and face-up artist made exactly the same make-up for my doll. So, it means I have lovely Yunho! That is a fun!
      My doll was still nameless. Now I have name for him - Yunho.
      Thank you very much for your notice :)))))