Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Iplehouse - Bichun

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This basic version of Bichun is just unbelievable. I love his eyes and shape of his face... just wonderful. One of the most gorgeous male dolls ever. BJD boy I want and this will be my choice.

Composition of goods:
- Head type : Bichun (no make-up)
- Head size : 9.3 inch (9-10 inch sized wig is available.)
- Height : 70cm
- Eyeballs : 12mm acrylic eyeballs (offered at random)

- Default box
- Assembly manual
- Extra tension line, magnet, S type ring
- Certificate

Some of countries, there is the limit of box size, so we kindly ask you to please do not purchase other dolls together with Bichun. In case of EID, the size is so big. Please kindly be notified of this.
Before your order, if you ask us on Q&A board in advance, we will let you know whether it is possible or not.
* Thigh parts are so thick from the characteristic of body, and when the doll wears kinds of tight pants, there is the difficulty to take a sitting pose, so please kindly refer this when you purchase. For this points, the goods will not be returned or refunded.
* If you want to have a make-up, please purchase the goods of make-up.
* Bichun on the photo is normal skin color. * Wig / shoes / outfit on the photo are not included.
* For the make-up style, please kindly choose one of A or B.

A type wig- L040#F16-1
B type wig- Mohair Black wine
* Please note that product accessories cannot be changed by customer's requests.
* Dolls are customized products. Once payments are made, it is not possible to cancel or change the orders. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to think carefully before making an order.
* Assembled dolls will be delivered to customers.
* It will take around 50~60 days to ship after you make an order.

* If the make-up is added, the preparation time takes more than as usual but, in case of no make-up, the shipping time will be shortened.

EID stands for Elder Iplehouse Doll. Males are 70cm (27½in) tall and females are 65cm (25½in) tall.
Super Hero

* Height : 70 cm
* Weight : 3kg
* Circumference of head : 23.5 cm (9.2 inch)
* Circumference of neck : 13.5cm
* Circumference of chest : 38.9 cm
* Width of shoulder : 19 cm
* Length of arm : 24 cm
* Circumference of wrist : 8 cm
* Circumference of arm : 14cm
* Circumference of waist : 28.7 cm
* Circumference of pelvis : 36.7 cm
* Circumference of thigh : 21 cm
* From waist to tiptoe : 43.5 cm
* Circumference of ankle : 11 cm
* Length of foot : 10.2 cm

* Height : 70.5 cm
* Weight : 2.6kg
* Circumference of head : 23 cm (9.2 inch)
* Circumference of neck : 13.5cm
* Circumference of chest : 36.5cm
* Width of shoulder : 18 cm
* Length of arm : 25 cm
* Circumference of wrist : 7 cm
* Circumference of arm : 12.3cm
* Circumference of waist : 26 cm
* Circumference of pelvis : 28 cm
* Circumference of thigh : 20 cm
* From waist to tiptoe : 45 cm
* Circumference of ankle : 11 cm
* Length of foot : 10.2 cm

Webpage:  http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=2176
Body:  http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=2143 

Super Hero arm parts

Thigh joint

Whole body


  1. I borrowed an image from you to my blog: http://nyxiasilentguard.blogspot.be/

    I added the link to your blog and wrote that it was here they should be looking for if they wanted the guy in the picture.

    The reason why I'm telling you this, is to make sure that I have your permission, if not, please comment back and I will remove the link and picture, straight away!

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Dear Nyxia, I'm not the owner of these images. They are taken from official Iplehouse website, from their shopping list. The links to the original source are posted in the doll's description under the measurements table. Please follow them.
      I have saved images for myself as I want to keep them even if the Bichun doll will be removed from Iplehouse selling list some day. I'm not pretending they are mine nor using them on the commercial purpose. I just like this doll very much and I want to save these images for my joy and for information of course.
      This is blog about my dream BJD. I'll be lucky to fulfill my dream and to buy Bichun one day. I wish you the same :))))