Thursday, 29 March 2012

Granado - Boyd

I'm waiting for this doll to be listed on Granado sales again. The head's features and absolutely natural make-up are making this doll unique. As I already have Granado's 68cm male body, I would like to order 64cm body for complete collection..

Boyd, 25, American, Granado’s top model. Even though Boyd is a hot-blooded and slightly clumsy, but when it comes to modeling, Boyd seems to be possessed by Muse; every camera is fascinated by him. Boyd is highly praised by many for being able to have multi images yet will not lose his own identity; he is the blue eyed boy for various famous brands. Due to his tight schedule, Boyd seldom meets with Gitana alone, which makes him feel lonely sometimes. Currently, with his new image, Boyd is ready for Halloween photo shooting. He is very devoted in his job, and show the correct attitude for being a model.

For more detailed body photos look here -

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