Thursday, 15 March 2012

Iplehouse Costume - Heuksan

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Heuksan Set is reconstituted item of Korea's traditional warrior's dress.
Cheolrik which is the clothing for warrior in past.
It express elegance and beauty of warrior and made manually.
Wrists, ankles and waist decoration, etc. have natural elements and make it perfect.

Configuration: Cheolrik, dapho, pants, headband, belt, wrist guard, ankle guard, socks
* For accessories, without any notice in advance, these can be changed by similar design. * For the goods preparation, we need 20~30 days after your order.
** Shoes are not included basically in the set. Please make an order separately.
* Size : E.I.D Man
This outfit was sold out long ago and Iplehouse has removed it from their webpage. 
You can find the Google copy of this page searcing by the old page's link:

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