Thursday, 15 March 2012

Iplehouse Costume - Ehwa

Clothes > Special Limited > EID_Woman Ehwa

Outdoor clothing for official dancing girl in  Joseon Dynasty
It is manufactured with high quality of Hanbok clothes (silk 100%)
Elegant and dressy skirt can express various looks. You can match it in your own way

Composition : Jacket, skirt, veil, crown , socks, underpants, pocket , norigae (Korean traditional ornaments worn by women), daenggi
*** Gachae, hair decoration and shoes shall be sold separately
** Hair decoration : 2 of flower decoration, 1 of ball decoration
* Size : E.I.D woman

This outfit was sold out long ago and Iplehouse has removed it from their webpage. 
You can find the Google copy of this page searcing by the old page's link:

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