Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Iplehouse - Eric

Senior Iplehouse Doll > S. I. D Basic - Man > Eric

Eric is amazing youth with cheerful smile. It's my dream to have a doll with smiley face.

Composition of goods:
- Head type : Eric (no make-up)
- Head size : 8.4 inch (8-9 inch sized wig is available.)
- Height : 65cm
- Eyeballs : 12mm acrylic eyeballs (offered at random)
- Default box
- Assembly manual
- Extra tension line, magnet, S type ring
- Certificate

* Thigh parts are so thick from the characteristic of body, and when the doll wears kinds of tight pants, there is the difficulty to take a sitting pose, so please kindly refer this when you purchase. For this points, the goods will not be returned or refunded.
* If you want to have a make-up, please purchase the goods of make-up.
* Wig / shoes / outfit on the photo are not included.
* Eric on the photo is Special real skin & normal skin color.

A type wig : IHW_M032 #F16-1 (Charcoal gray)
B type wig : IHW_M022 #1B (Black)
                  : IHW_M049 #F16-1 (Charcoal gray)

Senior Iplehouse Doll SID Body size: 
* Height : 65 cm
* Weight : 2.12kg
* Circumference of head : 21.8cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
* Circumference of neck : 12cm
* Circumference of chest : 33.7cm
* Width of shoulder : 17 cm (arms included)
* Length of arm : 22 cm
* Circumference of wrist : 7 cm
* Circumference of arm : 12cm
* Circumference of waist : 24 cm
* Circumference of pelvis : 29.3 cm
* Circumference of thigh : 18.4 cm
* From waist to tiptoe : 41 cm
* Circumference of ankle : 8.5 cm
* Length of foot : 9.2 cm

* Please note that product accessories cannot be changed by customer's requests.
* Dolls are customized products. Once payments are made, it is not possible to cancel or change the orders. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to think carefully before making an order.
* Assembled dolls will be delivered to customers.
* It will take around 50~60 days to ship after you make an order.
* If the make-up is added, the preparation time takes more than as usual but, in case of no make-up, the shipping time will be shortened.

Webaddress:  http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=2585  
Body webpage:  http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step1.php?number=2142 

Thigh joint

Whole body


  1. Hi!! please I have a Eric I want know where I buy the wig of type A y type B?? I like so much.

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    1. Dear Victoria, I'm glad you noticed the wigs' codes written above. I have checked - they are still on sale on Iple House website. Good luck to you and your dear Eric.

  3. Thanks so much n.n i find this, im so happy. one thing more please. The color of eyes in photo is the same that random? What is this color? Im so happy with eric.^^

    1. I think the eyes are here - dark yellow http://www.safrindoll.com/doll-eyes/handglasscraft-d24-lightpuppy . Or light brown - http://www.safrindoll.com/doll-eyes/handglasscraft-d24-lightbrown . Maybe dark brown - http://www.safrindoll.com/doll-eyes/handglasscraft-d24-darkbrown . You need to order 12 mm eyes. Kind regards <3

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  5. Thank you!!! as his clothes and accessories is very expensive at the official store have to save and when you can buy the set and have it at home makes her pictures so you see it. anyway if you do not mind I'll put your blog on my favorites.Me you helped mucho.Thank you !!! So you can see my favorite guy your photos.