Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Granado - Scout

I have purchased this doll on February 2012 and I'm extremely happy about my very first doll.

Scout - Saturnalia
Scout is the first member of Project Cinderella. As a graduate candidate, his dream is to become a Top-Fashion Model before reaching 25.
Despite the fact that he comes from a rich, satisfactory family, Scout is not arrogant at all; in fact he is very down to earth.
Scout is posing for Granado's Christmas promotion. He enjoys a lot during shooting, because he loves Christmas very much.
He can finally get some rest after finish shooting for this series.

Doll Size:
- Height 68cm
  • Head size (circumference): 22cm
  • Eye size: 12~14mm
  • - Girth of the neck 11cm
    - Width of the shoulders 15,4cm
    - Length of the arms 21cm 
    - Girth of the chest 29cm
    - Girth of the waist 20,3cm
    - Girth of the hips 27,5cm
    - Girth of the thigh 16,7cm
    - Girth of the calf 14,7cm
    - Length from hip to feet 37cm
    - Length from cavicle to hip 20,5cm
    - Length of the feet 7,5cm
    - Length of the heel feet 7cm

    68 cm Male Body

    Compare with 64 cm male body:

    Compare with 62cm Female Body:

    My dear boy looks like this: 

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